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Sailing and fishing in Maldives


Sailing provides the very best of attractions across the Maldives. Capture nature at it's very best and share with your loved ones back home and fellow sailors! We have a selection of cruise vessels to choose from. Thus, ensuring that the cruises we offer make your holidays something you can talk about later!


Traditionally fishing has been the main blood-stream of the economy and the islanders' principal source of income. Even today it still employs half the Maldivian workforce. The fishing dhoani(locally built boat) are privately owned and usually keep a crew of eight or so, although in the north they tend to carry more.

All Skipjack Tuna (Katsuwonus Pelamis) and Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus Albacares) are caught by artisan fishermen, who fish daily around the vicinity of their home islands in the Maldivian archipelago.

The method of fishing used by Maldivian fishermen is referred to as the "Pole and Line" method. This consists of a bamboo or plastic construction pole, 10 to 15 feet in length, with a line and a feathered barb-less hook attached to the smaller end of the pole capable of handling a fish weighing up to 50lbs.

At the start of a fishing day the fishermen will take their dhoani out in search of live bait such as small scads, silver side and sardine. These vessels posses a bait hold that has a fresh seawater circulating system enabling the bait to be kept alive. Once this is completed the dhoani will head out to the open sea in search of tuna schools. These are mostly surface schools that are either feeding or are in search of food. When these schools of tuna are sighted the dhoani crew will begin to throw hand full of bait either into or around the school of fish. This will bring the fish close to the dhoani at which time the fisher crew consisting of about six at a time will place their line attached to the pole in the water. Due to the frenzied feeding state of the school they begin to bite at any small object in the water and thus get hooked and hauled onto the deck of the dhoani, automatically unhooking itself as the hook is barbless. This process will continue untill either the school stops biting or moves to another area.

Furthermore tuna schools in the Maldives are not associated in anyway with any marine mammal such as Dolphins or Whales and there has been no record ever of Dolphin mortality due to tuna fishing.

Fishing is not only the lifeblood of the Maldivian economy; it is also a popular pastime among locals as well as visitors. Maldivians enjoy a variety of different types of fishing. The most popular among these is night fishing. The boat leaves the island and anchors at a reef before the sunsets and darkness sets in. the lines are tethered with hooks and sinkers and dropped overboard from both sides of the dhoni(locally built boat). If the fishing is good it gives a lot of excitements to everyone. If not it gives you an excellent opportunity to relax under the night sky as the boat gently rocks with the waves.

Morning Fishing or Big Game Fishing involves trolling, usually outside the atoll along the reef. Fishing enthusiasts may prefer to bring their own equipment if they wish to experience the excitement during their visit. Almost all the resorts organize night fishing trips at least once a week. Big game fishing or morning fishing, is not included in the resorts weekly program, but could be organized on request.


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